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Breast Implant Warranties

Each implant manufacturer has a lifetime replacement warranty (the actual replacement cost for the implant itself) in case of a rupture – at no additional cost.

  • Mentor and Allergan - both offer financial assistance for a certain time after your actual breast augmentation surgery to cover additional expenses that might occur.

  • Mentor’s Enhanced Warranty and Allergan’s ConfidencePlus Premier Warranty may be purchased for $100 - 45 days after surgery, and both manufacturers offer registration for the implant warranty online.




  • Mentor Breast Implant Warranties

Mentor Advantage Limited Warranty:

  • Provides that regardless of the age of the implant, when confirmed deflation or rupture occurs, a patient is eligible for 1 to 2 no-charge replacement breast implant products of a similar style and size

  • Mentor also provides 5 years and up to $1200 financial assistance for operating room and anesthesia charges not covered by insurance

  • Will pay out-of-pocket costs directly related to qualifying revision surgery for surgeon fees up to a maximum aggregate amount of $1000

  • Applies to surgeries after May 1, 2005


Allergan’s standard ConfidencePlus warranty does not cover the other implant however, their ConfidencePlus Premier warranty does.

Mentor Advantage Limited Warranty



Mentor Enhanced Advantage Warranty:

  • Provides that regardless of the age of the implant, when confirmed deflation or rupture occurs, you are eligible for 1 to 2 no-charge replacement breast implant products of any size in a similar style

  • To be eligible, must be purchased for an enrollment fee of $100 within 45 days from implantation

  • Lifetime product replacement policy. 10 years and up to $2400 financial assistance for operating room, anesthesia, and surgical charges not covered by insurance from the date of implant

  • Free contra-lateral (opposite side) implant replacement upon surgeon request

  • Applies to surgeries after May 1, 2005

Mentor Enhanced Advantage Warranty




New Mentor Enhanced Advantage Warranty

  • Effective from May 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009

  • Any patient receiving silicone implants will have this new warranty if done between this time period.

  • The new warranty covers $3500.00 for up to 10 years. This is up from the standard $2400.00 previously in place.

  • This is a FREE warranty as long as you send, email or fax your information (implant warranty card numbers), etc. to Mentor within 45 Days from your augmentation!

  • This covers replacement implants for both sides.

  • This is being done as an incentive for patients to go with silicone rather than saline. According to Mentor's data - 5% of patients will have a rupture at 10 years, just like saline.

  • Patients now have the chance to save money with silicone implants versus saline. Hopefully Allergan will follow their lead and revise their silicone implant warranty.





  • Allergan Breast Implant Warranties

Allergan “NATRELLE” ConfidencePlus:

  • Lifetime product replacement

  • 10 years of up to $1200 guaranteed financial assistance for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance

  • Silicone filled and Saline filled breast implants are covered with a lifetime replacement

  • Certain NATRELLE style saline and silicone filled breast implants you are automatically enrolled in their ConfidencePlus warranty program at no charge

  • Allergan standard ConfidencePlus does not cover the other implant

 Allergan ConfidencePlus Warranty



Allergan “NATRELLE” ConfidencePlus Premier

  • The ConfidencePlus Premier Warranty can be purchased for the low enrollment fee of $100 within 45 days of surgery

  • Allergan offers financial assistance coverage for up to 10 years, plus provides lifetime replacement of the ruptured implant

  • With $2,400 in financial assistance towards surgeon fees and anesthesia

  • At the surgeons’ request, Allergan will also provide a replacement for the contra-lateral breast

  • Both silicone and saline filled implants are included in this warranty

  • Allergan offers automatic renewal to ConfidencePlus at no charge

Allergan ConfidencePlus Premier Warranty




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Once you have chosen a doctor and are ready to accept treatment, you have entered into a partnership. For cosmetic treatment, your doctor should take the lead by treating you with respect according to the accepted standards in practice. You should pick up on that lead and follow every instruction you are given before, during, and after your procedure. The treatment planned and your obligations as a patient will be spelled out to you in ‘The Informed Consent’ documents.

Prior to undergoing treatment, these documents are presented to you after a full discussion of any associated risks and complications. It treatment involves the use of injected or implanted devices or drugs, the informed consent documents must define specific brands, drugs or devices used. Even if the treatment is one that you have had in the past, each visit requires your consent and full disclosure of the device or substance to be used during the course of treatment. In the case of breast implants, the brand and type of implant must be defined.

Following treatment, you must be given a serial number and a warranty card for the implant placed. This is the only type of warranty you will ever receive on a cosmetic procedure.

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