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Rhinoplasty  - Nose Reshaping - Nose Job Procedure



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The nose is a very complex part of your body - it helps us filter air and aids us with the function of breathing.  The nose also gives us our sense of smell. 

The nose consists of: 

  • skin

  • bone

  • cartilage

  • blood vessels

  • nerves

Problems with the difficulty of breathing to the loss of the sense of smell can create uncomfortable side effects.   Such as contributing to sinus headaches,





Rhinoplasty Indications:

  • An overly large nose that does not fit the patient's facial features - restore balance on a patient.

  • A nose that has been broken due to a trauma.

  • A nose that needs reconstruction due to a disease.

  • A deviated septum (chronic breathing problems) due to cartilage or a bone obstruction.