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How to Research your Plastic Surgeon



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Researching your Plastic Surgeon is probably one of the most important aspects that you should complete before going on a consult. 

The links below help you finding out about the surgeon you are considering:

  • background information

  • disciplinary actions

  • sanctions

  • hospital privileges

Choosing the right Plastic Surgeon should be more than you opening up the Yellow Pages and calling around.  The process is much more complex, and the resources and information we have on this site will help you consider important facts of each surgeon you might be considering. 

Our research section highlights are listed below, in which many important factors are taking in to consideration before deciding on one specific surgeon to perform your surgery.  The sections on explaining board certification and what it means is very important to read, along with checking credentials at the State Board Website listings and also the key websites to help you complete your research.

Our resource section is here to help you find a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon.  The Vital Doctor Checklist tells you if your doctor is verified with the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).  Most plastic surgeons are listed with this governing body and will assure you that the surgeon you are considering has their own surgical suite accredited and that anesthesia is only administered by a qualified medical doctor.  Also, it is very important to check if your plastic surgeon has Local Hospital Privileges, in case of an emergency.




Doctor Checklist includes information on:





Knowing the difference between a surgeon's  "Board Certification" and "Board Certification with the American Board of Plastic Surgery" is very important. 

Definition of what “American Board of Plastic Surgery” means and how this certification differs from Cosmetic Surgeon: 

  • Length of Education

  • Length of Internship

  • Length of Residency

  • Additional Residency

  • Additional Fellowship

Definition of Board Certified Plastic Surgeon



Dr. Lowenstein speaks about the difference between Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

and other Board Certification Specialties




The section on Understanding Accreditation refers to the places you will be actually having the surgery performed: 

  • Hospital Setting

  • Out-Patient Surgery Center

  • Free-Standing Ambulatory Surgical Facility




Understanding Medical Boards is important.  We have links and websites to all different medical boards you might run into, and what area of expertise a physician or surgeon will have.





Understanding Medical Societies is also necessary, and you will find all the links and the explanation of what each society is.  Medical Societies are considered “crème de la crème”, with permission of membership only available through peer reviews and special qualifications.  These societies also include professional guidelines of strict standards of ethics and patient safety.





Pre-consult information is listed for you on what you need to do before your actual first appointment. 





Also, extensive consult information along with Printable Consult Questions you can take with you.





Cosmetic Surgery Forums has a state-by-state listing of all the different medical boards along with address’ and phone numbers in case you need to get in contact with them.  Most all information is available on line however.





Also, please check back with physicians who sponsor this site, as you will find direct links back to their websites so you can see their before and after photos.





Choosing a plastic surgeon is the single hardest decision you must make, as you want to place all of your trust and confidence in this one person.  Have the right tools to help you choose the right plastic surgeon for you makes the decision so much easier.   By taking into consideration the skills and experience of your plastic surgeon, their hospital privileges, their facility accreditation, and their board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, along with the background checks, you can ensure that a plastic surgeon is worthy of scheduling a consultation with for the plastic surgery procedures you are interested in.








Other Important Links: