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When hyaluronic acid is injected into the facial area, it temporarily replenishes the soft tissue's volume by replacing deteriorated support layers of the skin.  There are many formulations of hyaluronic acid fillers available.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers




Temporary fillers - such as Collagen - Bovine - Human Collagen - Evolence

Bovine Collagen

Human Collagen

New Kind of Collagen




Sculptra is not a filler but rather a collagen catalyst that stimulates your own collagen to grow.




 Microscopic beads of the calcium hydroxyl apatite (CaHA)




Permanent injectable Micro-Implants





Injectable Bio-Catalyst are known as "grow-you-own-facelift”, and the generic name is cultured autologous human fibroblasts.





Fascian is a long and durable injectable dermal filler made from fascia. 

Cymetra is the micronized injectable form of AlloDerm.





Facial augmentation using a fat transfer is an outpatient surgical procedure that involves removing fat from one are on the body to a certain area on the face.

Autologen is made from your own skin and normally this tissue is obtained from any excess tissue you may have had from a previous cosmetic procedure.






Derived from human cadavers - Alloderm acts as a stimulus for collagen to grow






Indicated for sub-dermal soft tissue augmentation







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