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Breast Implant Profiles and Shape


                                 breast implant profiles

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The profile of the implant is also a big determinate with what a patient can handle, along with the shape of the implant. Anatomical or contoured implants are going to appear more natural looking on the chest wall, as they tend to closely resemble a natural breast. However, once a round implant is inserted into the chest, it basically becomes more “anatomical in shape” – just due to gravity. 

A High Profile Implant that consists of the same size (or same ccs.) as a moderate or low profile implant will stand out much further from the chest wall. High profile implants were made for the patients who had small ribcages and also small breast width dimensions. Before high profile implants were made, women who were smaller were limited somewhat with their choices in sizes.  This was the first chance of giving these women a chance to go bigger without forsaking any complications. 

High Profile implants have the capacity of looking great on a narrow ribcage patient as well as a patient who has a wide ribcage, as everything is predicated on breast width dimension.  Breast width is measured closely and also taken into consideration is the thickness of her skin on her upper chest wall.  A patient can have a wide ribcage with a small breast width dimension on her natural breast, whereas high profile implants could be a great recommendation for her.  Or you can also see the opposite, narrow ribcage with a patient who has a naturally large breast width dimension. On this specific case, high profile implants would not be suitable for this patient. 





Allergan offers the following profiles for round shaped breast implants:

  • Low Profile - this implant has the least amount of projection and has the widest diameter.

  • Moderate Profile - moderate base width - moderate projection

  • High Profile - narrow base width - high projection

  • Very High Profile - narrow base width - high projection

Allergan offers the following profiles for anatomical shaped breast implants:

  • Full Height - Moderate Height - Low Height

  • Extra Full Projection - Full Projection - Moderate Projection - Low Projection







Mentor offers the following profiles for round shaped breast implants:

  • Moderate Profile - this implant has the least amount of projection and has the widest diameter.

  • Moderate Plus Profile - moderate base width - moderate projection

  • High Profile - narrow base width - high projection

  • Ultra High Profile - narrow base width - high projection

Mentor offers the following profiles for anatomical shaped breast implants:

  • High Profile

  • Moderate Profile

Long before we understood the difference in implant profiles, size was the only factor in choosing the right breast implant. The manufacturers found that there was a real need to have more choices available to ensure the best implant for a specific body type. 




The common problems with the older standardized sizing:

  • Implants seemed too wide or too narrow for a specific body type.

  • Implants were too wide or too close together, problems such as symmastia seemed to become more evident, and or the implant violated the underarm area.

  • Implants that were too narrow created an unnatural appearance and could contribute to a wide gap in-between the cleavage area.

  • Implants which did fit the breast width dimension properly didn’t project enough from the sides (making the implants appear flat from the side profile)


The various profiles of breast implants allow the device to be customized to the patient’s needs. Projection and width are taken into consideration when choosing an implant, along with the patient’s stature and measurements to make sure they are getting the proper breast implant for their body.






Mentor has these implant profiles available:

  • Moderate

  • Moderate Plus

  • High Profile

  • Ultra High Profile* (new implant profile - not available in the US yet)


Allergan has these implant profiles available:

  • Low Profile

  • Moderate Profile

  • High Profile

  • Very High Profile* (new implant profile - not available in the US yet)


Factors to consider regarding implant profile:

  • Size or cc

  • Shape (Round or Anatomical)

  • Profile width and projection differences

  • What the patient’s goal is in regards to augmentation


The most common implant profiles:

There are specific reasons for use of each type.


Finding the right implant for a patient is defined by:

  • Desired size wanted

  • Patient's pre-existing anatomy

  • Patient’s desired shape and look





A patient’s anatomy must be taken into account when deciding which type of implant is to be used.  Breast Width Dimension and also the measurement of the rib-cage is important when choosing an implant style. 

The base diameter of the breast will determine what style implant will be used.  The implant diameter should be at the same size of the breast width dimension or a little less, or the implant could end up too wide for the patient and could possibly lead to problems later on down the road such as symmastia. If the implant diameter is too wide for the breast width dimension, the implant can literally be "squeezed" circumferentially. This will force the breast implant to scallop, or ripple around the outer edge, creating a range of other problems.

For a woman who has a very narrow frame and small ribcage measurement – a moderate or a low profile implant might result in the desired size, however; it could end up being too wide and end up having implant sit to far into the cleavage area or the underarm area.  By using a high profile implant, the woman with a smaller ribcage and a smaller Breast Width Dimension is able to get the larger implant that she desires.

There are lots of factors that are considered before choosing the profile of an implant.  The profile of a breast implant is really only one contributing factor to the final breast shape.  Implant profile is important; however there are other factors to consider.  The tightness or looseness of the existing breast size and the size of the implant can be just as important.  A woman with a small tight A or B cup breasts with a large implant will end up looking round no matter what the profile that is used.  However, women who have loose saggy breast skin that is then implanted will almost always have more of a natural shape (or teardrop shape) – not unless a very large implant is used to take up all the pre-existing loose tissue, or a breast lift is considered to reconstruct the breast.



                      increasing the size of the pocket for a breast implant

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                                     Surgeon increasing the pocket size for the breast implant






High profile implants tend to project the furthest off the chest wall, when compared to either moderate, moderate plus or low profile implants.  The high profile implant will achieve this projection by having a smaller base diameter than any other implant.  By decreasing the diameter of the shell, but keeping the same fill volume the manufacturer has made more options available.  This allows women with smaller ribcages or smaller breast width dimensions to have the opportunity to have a larger size implant.

The High Profile Implant became available in the early part of 2000, giving breast augmentation patients different options in choosing the projection of their implants.  The profile of the implant is measured by how far the implant projects out from the body.  The high profile implants were made by maintaining the same volume as the standard implant, but reducing its diameter or base size.

It has been noted by some studies that the high profile implant may have a lower risk of rippling compared to its standard counterpart.  This is because the high profile implant (saline) allows a much higher fill ratio than the other profile implants, thus helping with any rippling.


                                      high profile breast implants vs. moderate profile implants



                                              175cc HP                   475cc Moderate

A 175cc High Profile Implant has the equivalent projection of a 475 standard saline implant with much less lateral width.




  • High profile implants are very narrow in the diameter or width of the implant. 

  • High Profile Implants have the most projection offered in the United States at this time.

  • The side of the implant is less matronly and does not protrude as much beyond the axilla (underarm area)

  • When placed properly, most patients can achieve great cleavage, but Breast Width Dimension is important to see if you qualify for these implants

  • The upper pole area has more fullness than any other implant.

  • Because of the way the implant is designed, even though you get a large cc amount, high profile can leave a woman looking thinner and not looking heavy or matronly.

  • Women with smaller breast width dimensions and also smaller ribcages can have the option of going with a larger implant size.

 A high profile implant is perfect for the woman with less natural breast tissue and a narrow chest measurement.



  • High profile implants on the wrong patient type can appear like torpedoes or missiles. It is very important to make sure your breast width dimension calls for this type of implant.





  • 500cc High Profile Silicone Breast Implant with projection and diameter.


                         500cc breast implant compared to a CD Disc

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                         500cc high profile implant compared to a Bic Lighter

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High profile implants are great choice for women with a narrower chest frame and a narrower breast width dimension - who still want a considerable size increase during their breast augmentation.

Women who need to have a mastopexy with their breast augmentation can be a candidate for high profile implants, because sometimes the actual breast lift can make the breast mound appear square, making the breast appear wider and not as round. The shape of the high profile implant shell restores the rounded shape of the breast, while still allowing the considerable benefits of the mastopexy lift.


                                     Difference Between High Profile and Moderate Profile

                                                 Moderate Profile vs. High Profile





Moderate Plus breast implants are considered the “happy compromise” between the traditional moderate profile implants and the popular high profile implants. The moderate plus profile is perfect for women who want a little more projection than is typically provided by a moderate profile, but not as much projection as is found with the high profile shell.

Moderate Plus implants tend to project further off the chest wall than regular moderates at the same identical volume and size. Moderate Plus breast implants are a wonderful choice for women who might be narrower in the ribcage measurement and also the breast width dimension and are still hoping for a full aesthetic look from their augmentation. 


                                     Moderate Plus Profile Implant


For average framed women, the moderate profile is still the industry standard. Wider framed women with a large breast width dimension might consider low profile breast implants to create a proportionate shape and size for their body. Women who are tiny framed and also have a small breast width dimension should consider high profile implants if they are looking for the highest projection available out of an implant.  

Choosing the proper breast implant profile is a very fundamental decision - one that should take some time in making. Choosing the wrong implant profile can leave a patient with a substandard result from their breast augmentation. The factor to consider is finding an implant that will create the look the patient is trying to achieve. Creating cleavage is very important to most all augmentation patients. 

The general rule on breast width dimension is that the implant diameter should always be a little less than what the patient is measuring. Some Plastic Surgeons will go over the breast width dimension by a small amount, so it is important to allow your surgeon to choose what size can safely be put in without forsaking any complications.

Implant profile does not change the size of the implant; it merely changes the projection on what you will see from the side. Moderate Plus implants are narrower at the base and taller than traditional Moderates or Low Profile in the same size (volume – cc).



This implant offers a slightly tapered width and additional forward projection, creating more breast depth than width. This is ideal for a slightly smaller framed woman or a woman who desires a more projecting bust line.


                      before and after breast augmentation with Moderate Plus Implants





Moderate Profile Implants are considered as the Gold Standard, or implants for the normal profile.  Moderate profile implants are normal size implants which are proportionate in width and forward projection. These are the industry standard and closest to the original sizing method.

Moderate profile implants are generally used for most women with “typical” breast augmentation needs. There are more sizes and selections available with Moderate profile compared to any other implant profile.



                                  Moderate Profile Implant



Patients that exhibit a medium frame and medium breast width dimensions would be prime candidates for moderate profile breast implants. This is especially true when the woman is looking for cleavage. If the patient has a wider breast width dimension it is imperative that a implant is chosen with wider diameter. With a wider breast width dimension, a wider diameter implant is needed to help achieve the cleavage that most patients desire.  Moderate profile implants on very petite women can look very unnatural, and they can look out of proportion with being too wide for the chest.




  • Known in the industry as very versatile implants, these implants use to be considered the most popular used.


  • Not every patient is a candidate for these implants, which are considered on the wider side.


       Mentor vs. Allergan - implant profiles



These implants are not used as commonly as the other profiles available. A low profile implant basically means that the breast will project at a lower amount than the moderate, moderate plus, of high profiles. Low Profile can be perfect for women who are larger and fuller framed in their chest measurement. Wide framed women benefit from the larger base diameter of the low profile implant, since it creates breast shape that matches the natural contours of their bodies.

The low profile implant has a larger diameter than other profiles and has very little projection.  The implant style is commonly used for women who have a wide broad chest frame.  It is the extra width of the implant shell that will help fill out the chest wall, contributing to a very natural look with reasonable cleavage.



Because of the dynamics of this low profile implant having very little projection, it makes a perfect choice for women who want fullness but not an overly round or fake appearance.

The main criteria with choosing this implant should be predicated on the breast width dimension and the woman’s ribcage measurements. Ideally, the implant should be smaller in size than the actual breast width dimension.

Low profile implants might be used less than other implant profiles, but they offer important benefits to women who are seeking a specific breast enhancement appearance. 

Knowing about your choices with implant styles and profiles helps you determine what implant will be right for you. Make sure you talk to your Plastic Surgeon about the choices available for your anatomical body type. Understanding the difference in implant profiles is just as important as choosing the right size. 






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