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Cosmetic Surgery Forums - Terms & Conditions of Use


Cosmetic Surgery Forums  is owned and operated by Cosmetic Enterprises of Los Angeles, California USA. Whenever the names, "Cosmetic Surgery Forums”, "CSF", or the world wide web address,, is utilized within this document, in its entirety, Cosmetic Enterprises is the sole owner and administrator of said names, URLs, content, work products, text files, photos, dialogues, etc.

Cosmetic Surgery Forums, Discussion Forums, Bulletin Boards, BLOGS, in their entirety, are provided 'as is' for general informational purposes only. They are not intended to provide medical advice, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for consultations with a qualified medical professional who is familiar with your individual medical needs.




  • No Flaming, Cosmetic Surgery Forums message boards and BLOGS are provided free of charge to you, please state your opinions but do not let personal animosity get in the conversation. This includes but is not limited to calling names, harassing members, etc.

  • Please do not use these forums for, flame wars- personal disputes- heated debates-vendettas, etc. You are expected to treat each other with respect. Anyone not following this rule will be banned with or without prior notification.

  • Constructive criticism is acceptable, but degrading talk about any person, company, etc., is not allowed on the forums. Abusive, ridicule public humiliation, or slandering will NOT be tolerated and Cosmetic Surgery Forums holds the right to ban, expose, trace, report, press charges and give details of the offender in question, to the offender's local governing authority, regarding violation of these terms & conditions of use. Rude behavior such as racist remarks, offensive language, blasphemy, remarks regarding sexual preference and gender-related harassment will NOT be tolerated, and Cosmetic Surgery Forums holds the right to ban, expose, trace, report, press charges and give details of the offender in question, to the offender's local governing authority, regarding violation of these terms & conditions of us.

  • Stalking and stalking-like behavior is prohibited and will be reported to the offender's local governing authority.

  • The Internet is a public place and even our password protected areas might be subjected to people who are not authorized. Please remember when you are posting important information about yourself such as phone numbers, addresses, locations, email addresses, that there are people out on the Internet who do stalk people and will keep all of these specific descriptions. If you know of anyone who is experiencing any stalking and or know of any stalking behavior that is going on, please report this to the administrators at Cosmetic Surgery Forums and we will help you in any way we can to file a report with the local governing agency.

  • To collect information about others without their consent!

  • Breach of the personal privacy of others will be grounds for banning from Cosmetic Surgery Forums websites.

  • To impersonate or to give false information about your identity, or gender to gain access for the main purpose to deceive others will not be tolerated.

  • Soliciting members to other websites, slandering of Cosmetic Surgery Forums Websites through a visitor's private email address is grounds for termination of use and will NOT be tolerated.

  • No Badgering the Staff under any circumstances!
    Do not badger the Staff or try to make their job any harder than it already is. While we care very much about what the members here like/dislike, please remember that the Administrators & Moderators have the final say. This is not a democracy, it is a benevolent dictatorship. They work very hard to make each member happy, but you cannot please everyone about everything all the time.

  • Advertising:
    No personal advertising is to be used on the forum. No links to sites asking for donations for breast augmentation surgery, or anything else!

  • Don't respond to spam posts on the forum. Report the post to the Staff.

  • Don't type in ALL CAPS. Please try not to type in all capital letters, not only does it make it hard for the post to be read – but it also is considered “shouting”.

  • Cross-posting & Posting Questions in the Wrong Forum Cross-Posting: means to post the same topic in different forums. If you accidentally start a thread in the wrong forum, you can PM one of the Staff and request that it be moved.

  • Stay On-Topic: Please try not to take threads off-topic. This is called thread high jacking – however, we won’t cook and eat you.

  • Contacting the Staff: you can contact any of the Staff by clicking on their name in any of their posts, or by going to their profile page, thru which you can send them an email or a private message.

  • If you have any questions at all please contact: